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Copenhagen Distortion

Featured Image from post about the festival event Distortion in Copenhagen
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Distortion has been pushing the limits of street life and party culture since 1998.

Distortion offers massive street parties, intimate club festivals and spectacular raves. The leading American Rolling Stone Magazine calls it a “unique multi-tiered music extravaganza” and furthermore describes Distortion as a “wild, feverish, relentless, free-form monster”.

It all began in 1998 when 400 people joined the experimental mobile festival that moved from one area in the city to another ending up partying in 5 different neighbourhoods in 5 days. Today that crowd has expanded to more than 100.000 people who come from all around the world to party in the streets of Copenhagen.

Distortion is a 5 day event where you can join more than 40 different street parties a day for free and in the weekend you can join the legendary Final Party for a reasonable priced ticket and dance all night to featured DJs.

To support the free street parties we encourage you to buy the festival wristband Gadearmbånd that finances the magic to happen and the streets to be clean when the party’s over.


May 31. to June 4. 2017


Day #1
Street Party Nørrebro

Location: Nørrebro
Time: 16.00-22.00
Tickets: Gadearmbånd

  • Ahornsgade 1: Camping Baren – Garden Party
    Facebook event
  • Ahornsgade 21: Stuen – Full Moon Party
    Facebook event
  • Baggensensgade 7: Graceland KBH – Graceland KBH
    Facebook event
  • Blegdamsvej 6: Black Label Records x Studio – Black Label x Studio
    Facebook event
  • Blegdamsvej 12: Studenterklubben på Panum – Panum Street Party 2017
    Facebook event
  • Blågårds Plads: Supa Soca Bass – Full Xtreme Soca
    Facebook event
  • Dronning Louises Bro: Wake – Unicorns & Conscious Creatures
    Facebook event
  • Egegade 20: Kampai Bakas – Kampai Bakas Vol. 7
    Facebook event
  • Elmegade 8-12: Namunel – Elm Street Party
    Facebook event
  • Fælledvej 17: Bonk & Blæk – Afterski Party
    Facebook event
  • Guldbergsgade 8: Rust – Streetparty
    Facebook event
  • Guldbergsgade 49: JuJu Man Sound – Kingston Street Party
    Facebook event
  • Kapelvej 1: Coma Club x Bodega – Abefest
    Facebook event
  • Møllegade 8: Fuld af Liv x Kræftens Bekæmpelse x TrygFonden – Festen du kan huske
    Facebook event
  • Møllegade 23: Dj Mati & Andersen – Grab´em by the balls
    Facebook event
  • Nørrebrogade 11: M2L Legacy – For Evigt Hiphop
    Facebook event
  • Nørrebrogade 34: Dupong – Dupong Get Down Party
    Facebook event
  • Nørrebrogade 55: Papegøjer – Parrot Paradise
    Facebook event
  • Nørrebrogade 76: Hypetrade x Puma – Hip Hop langs den gule mur
    Facebook event
  • Nørrebrogade 90: På Hjul – Dunk-istortion
    Facebook event
  • Nørrebrogade 112: Sigurdsgade – Sigurdsgade <3 Distortion
    Facebook event
  • Peblinge Dossering 8: Intoxika – Lakestasy
    Facebook event
  • Poppelgade 11: Southwise – Shine on Me
    Facebook event
  • Ravnsborggade 11: Café Mellemrummet – Free Palestine
    Facebook event
  • Ravnsborggade 22: Sort Distortion – Sort Distortion
    Facebook event
  • Rådhuspladsen: Royal Distortion Mainstage – TooManyLeftHands & Friends [only with Gadearmbånd, Week or Ø tickets]
    Facebook event
  • Sankt Hans Gade 2: Funky Tuesday x Le Petit – We Play For Funk(k)!
    Facebook event
  • Sankt Hans Torv 3: Kaffeplantagen – Summer Madness
    Facebook event
  • Sjællandsgade 12: Carpark Festival – Carpark Havefesten
    Facebook event
  • Slotsgade 14: Daily Dak – Distortion Street Party Pt. 2
    Facebook event
  • Sortedams Dossering 19: Uncensored – Hiphop Scenen
    Facebook event
  • Sortedams Dossering (Ryesgade 16): Plejecentret Sølund – Hits & Hotdogs
    Facebook event

Day #1
Distortion Club

Location: Various venues
Time: 22.00-05.00
Tickets: Distortion Week

Day #2
Street Party Vesterbro

Location: Vesterbro
Time: 16.00-22.00
Tickets: Gadearmbånd

  • Arkonagade 18: qUINT – SAFARI PART 2
    Facebook Event
  • Bevtoftgade 2: Levande Charader – Living the Charades
    Facebook Event
  • Dybbølsgade 30: NITELY – NITELY’s Wonderland
    Facebook Event
  • Dybbølsgade 45: På Hjul – Dunk-istortion
    Facebook Event
  • Dybbølsgade 70: Kaffeplantagen – Summer Madness
    Facebook Event
  • Enghave Plads: Sort Distortion – Sort Distortion
    Facebook Event
  • Flensborggade 32: Copenhagen Pride – GAYSTORTION
    Facebook Event
  • Flensborggade 40: Callback POP – Callback POP
    Facebook Event
  • Haderslevgade 24: BFT – Copenhagen Hawaii
    Facebook Event
  • Haderslevsgade 43: Pannahouse – Street Football and Chill
    Facebook Event
    Facebook Event
  • Istedgade 58: FOLKED/STORTION – FolkeDistortion
    Facebook Event
  • Istedgade 92: Simpelt V – Simpelt V Rocker Distortion
    Facebook Event
  • Istedgade 114: Politiken – IBYEN PRISEN
    Facebook event
  • Istedgade 130: Emotive Sounds – Feeling Emotive Streetparty
    Facebook Event
  • Knud Lavards Gade 3: Soldryp x Beat Me – Knud Lavards Fest
    Facebook Event
  • Litauens Plads: Red Bull Music Academy – Red Bull Music Academy Distortion Vesterbro
    Facebook Event
  • Liva Weels Plads: Vejfest.dk – Vejfesten
    Facebook Event
  • Mysundegade 14: Club T-Rex – Cooking with T-Rex
    Facebook Event
  • Oehlenschlægergade 40: Running Records – Gentleman-Party
    Facebook Event
  • Oehlenschlægergade 60: Camping Baren – Garden Party
    Facebook Event
  • Rådhuspladsen: Royal Distortion Mainstage – Warner Music [only with Gadearmbånd, Week or Ø tickets]
    Facebook event
  • Sundevedsgade: Distortion x Københavnermiddag 2017
    Facebook Event
  • Sønder Boulevard 49: Rope Of Dope x Mät – Distortion Gadefest 2017
    Facebook Event
  • Sønder Boulevard 69: Culture Box – Culture Box Street Party
    Facebook Event
  • Sønder Boulevard 93: Firestarter CPH – Firestarter Distortion
    Facebook Event
  • Sønder Boulevard 107: Insaniac – The Stage Of Trance
    Facebook Event
  • Skjalm Hvides Gade 8: Amin Safari x Ecstasy Kalaha – Odense Scenen
    Facebook Event
  • Skydebanen: Børne Distortion
    Facebook event
  • Ullerupgade 5: Prime Collective – Prime Time
    Facebook Event

Day #2
Distortion Club

Location: Various venues
Time: 22.00-05.00
Tickets: Distortion Week

Day #3
Distortion Ø

Location: Refshaleøen, Refshalevej 163, 1432 Copenhagen
Time: 16.00-03.00
Tickets: Distortion Week, Distortion Ø (both days) or Distortion Ø Friday

Facebook event

Royal Container Stage

  • 20.20 Goss
  • 21.20 Omar Souleyman (SY)
  • 22.30 Mura Masa (UK)
  • 00.00 Ena Cosovic
  • 01.00-03.00 Tale Of Us (IT) – Closing set

Red Bull Music Academy Stage

  • 20.00 Céci
  • 20.45 Iris Gold
  • 22.00 ABRA (US)
  • 23.15 Lady Leshurr (UK)
  • 00.30 Kenton Slash Demon, Live
  • 01.45-03.00 Kasper Bjørke

Facebook event

Dancing Man Are
Host: Keller

  • 18.00 Rasmus Rekyl
  • 20.00 Tobi Tastic (DE)
  • 22.00 Max Cooper DJ Set (UK)
  • 00.00 Shlomniwatz (live, DE)

Truck Stage
Host: Fyraftensboogie

  • 16.00-03.00 Fyraftensboogie (2000F & JG). Warmup: Discothèque Mobumfe

The Tent (Host: Phono Festival X VICE)

  • 22.00 Troels Hass
  • 00.00 Jlin (US)
  • 01.00-03.00 Simo Cell (FR)

Facebook event

Tekno Tunnel
Host: Daily Dak

  • 20.00 Monox (FR)
  • 21.00 Anon
  • 22.00 Audiodact
  • 23.00 Novetech
  • 00.00 Martin Vice
  • 01.00 Galanzentrix
  • 02.00-03.00 Karmatrix

Facebook event

Day #3
Distortion Club

Location: Various venues
Tickets: Distortion Week


Day #4
Distortion Ø Final Party

Location: Refshaleøen, Refshalevej 163, 1432 Copenhagen
Tickets:  Distortion Week, Distortion Ø (both days) or Distortion Saturday

Facebook event

Royal Container Stage

  • 21.00 Youss
  • 22.45 Noah Carter
  • 23.30 Eloq
  • 00.30 What So Not (AU)
  • 02.00 Denis Horvat
  • 03.00-06.00 Maceo Plex (US) – Closing set

Red Bull Music Academy Stage

  • 18.30 Johan Carøe
  • 20.30 Soleima
  • 22.00 Little Simz (UK)
  • 23.15 Tommy Genesis (CA)
  • 00.15 Mobilegirl (DE)
  • 01.30 Code Walk
  • 02.30-04.00 Erosion Flow

Facebook event

Dancing Man Area
Host: Keller

  • 20.00 Elias Doré (DE)
  • 22.00 Acud
  • 00.00 Ben Böhmer (live, DE)
  • 01.00 Mononoid (NL)
  • 03.00-04.30 Extrawelt (live, DE)

The Truck
Host: Sort Distortion

  • 18.00 Klub Bongo pres. The Best
  • 20.00 DJ Sort Tykmester
  • 21.00 DJ Selector Ribbah King
  • 22.00 DJ Anil
  • 23.00 DJ Wal
  • 00.00 Afracadrummmerssss
  • 00.30 Yamado Afrodances Mash Up – Team Blackout, Savage, United Lions, Unexpected
  • 01.00 DOXMV (FR) + Icekiid
  • 02.00 Okay Funky DJ set
  • 03.00-04.00 Stunngunn DJ set

The Tent
Hosts: Phono Festival & Vice

  • 22.00 Darmstadt
  • 00.00 Zadig (FR)
  • 02.30 Anastasia Kristensen
  • 04.00-05.00 CTRLS

Facebook event

Tekno Tunnel
Host: 3K5A & 3RO7

  • 19.00 Orpheus
  • 20.00 DJ Er Du Dum Eller Hvad
  • 22.00 Dizmaster
  • 23.00 DJ Aligator
  • 00.00 Cold Vision vs Enyqma
  • 01.00 Flarup
  • 02.00-03.00 F-rank
  • 03.00-04.00 MIOSA vs STT
  • 04.00-05.00 Vicious Conspiracy

Facebook event

Afterparty Open Air & Popperbus
06.00-14.00, Unknown location

  • Superpitcher (DE)
  • Wolfram Amadeus
  • Russian Girls
  • Sexy Lazer
  • Marc & Mikkel & Friends

Day #5

Location: Announced soon
Time: Announced soon

Actually, just follow the crowd, the beats and the happy cheering and you’ll find the place to be.


Website: cphdistortion.dk

Summerdance in Fælledparken – 5 weeks of free dance lessons and dancing

Summerdance in Fælledparken
Bollywood dancing at Summerdance in Fælledparken -photo: COPENHAGEN VIBES

An open air dance floor in the summer nights with the record player set on Argentine tango. Isn’t that just the most romantic scenery? Or how about just letting yourself go to the beats of African drumming? Join all the fun at Summerdance in Fælledparken.

Loose yourself to dance as the popular open air dance event Summerdance in Fælledparken offers 5 weeks of free dance lessons and dancing. The one hour dancing lessons start at 7pm and the dancing continues until 10pm.

You’ll get the chance to improve your moves in dances such as Bollywood, Afro Beat, Swing, Salsa, Dancehall, Danish Folkdance and much more.

The event has been running for 15 years, and the outdoor dance floor with the great atmosphere and contagious joy attracts 10.000 people every year.

This year there’s an extra focus on the joy that dancing together brings to family life, so there are extra dance lessons especially focused on children and their families (see below).

[vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/UYiNll3HkQs”]


June 19. to July 23. 2017

Monday-Thursday at 7pm-10pm. (see program)
Dancing lessons from 7-8pm and after that the dancing continues until 10pm.

Family” Summer Dance

Sundays at 2-2.45pm dance lessons for children at the age of up to about 6 years and their families and older children at 3-4pm. (see program)

“Kids” Summer Dance

Thursdays at 12-12.45pm children at the age of up to about 6 years can participate in various dance lessons. (see program)
Older children are invited to dance lessons at 1-2pm.

Please note that in case of heavy rain the dance will be cancelled. 


“Dansepladsen” in Fælledparken

On the corner of Edel Sauntes Allé and Øster Allé, 2100 Østerbro, Copenhagen. (see map)


Website: sommerdans.dk
Facebook: Sommerdans i Fælledparken


“Family” Summer Dance 2017

Sundays at 2-4pm
25. june  WORLDDANCE
2. july     BRAZILIAN
9. july     HIPHOP
16. july   LATIN
23. july   AFRICAN



“Kids” Summer Dance 2017

Thursdays at 12-2pm
22. june  WORLDDANCE
29. june  AFRICAN
6. july     HIPHOP
13. july   BRAZILIAN
20. july   CAPOEIRA



Summer Dance 2017

Monday – Thursday at 7-10pm
Program June:
Monday 19. SALSA
Wednesday 21. TANGO
Thursday 22. BACHATA

Monday 26. SWING
Tuesday 27. SALSA
Wednesday 28. BOLLYWOOD

Program July:
Monday 3. SWING
Wednesday 5. KIZOMBA
Thursday 6. DANCEHALL

Monday 10. BALLROOM
Tuesday 11. BOLLYWOOD
Wednesday 12. TANGO
Thursday 13. AFROBEAT

Tuesday 18. LINEDANCE
Wednesday 19. TANGO
Thursday 20. JITTERBUG


[vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/-a-AtqoQ_1M”]
[vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/IAygfaoGYlI”]
[vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/ED243BPfVWk”]
[vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/UYiNll3HkQs”]

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series visits Copenhagen

Copenhagen Opera House

[vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/0hdCKDVSyr4″]

The outrageous diving competition Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series hits once again Copenhagen on their tour around the world.

Watch the world’s best cliff diving athletes – women and men – jump off the roof of the iconic Copenhagen Opera House. They jump an impressive 27 metres (about three times the Olympic diving height) from the roof into the harbour as they perform a series of multiple twists and somersaults before hitting the water at 85 kph.

copenhagen-vibes_redbull_12VCheck out our big photo gallery of the insanely fearless and talented cliff divers from the amazing 2015 event in the city’s beautiful surroundings just opposite the historic royal palace, Amalienborg and The Marble Church.

Hold your breath and be prepared for a wild, crazy and most of all amazing experience as you share the adrenalin rush of the brave divers.

When: June 18th 2016

Where: The athletes jump off the roof of The Danish Opera House and into the harbour. You can watch it from many spots around the harbour. One of the best places to watch it is on the opposite side of the Opera House: on Toldbodgade by Amaliehaven close to royal palace Amalienborg (see map).

[su_gmap address=”The Amalie Garden on the Waterfront”]

There will be big screens at Amaliehaven and near the Opera House.

Official website: www.redbullcliffdiving.com

Copenhagen Sakura Festival


The whole world seems to be in love with the cherry blossoms or Sakura trees as they are actually called in Japan where they origin.

If you’re in doubt just check out Instagram during bloom season. In Japan most people get out to celebrate the Sakura blossom with family and friends and once a year Sakura connects people as they meet up under the beautiful Sakura trees.

Inspired by the Japanese tradition people from all over the world come together to celebrate the blossom of the beautiful trees and Copenhagen is no exception.

Copenhagen Sakura Festival is a 2 day free event where you can experience the unique atmosphere of joy and happiness in one of the most relaxed and colourful festivals of the city. At the Copenhagen Sakura Festival you can watch a lot of stage shows and even join the fun at the popular Bonodori group dances.

Enjoy the mixture of traditional Japanese kimono culture and creative, colourful Manga and Cosplay fans. Explore the booths where you can buy anything from Bonsai trees and tea to Kendamas.

Picnic and people spotting

Don’t forget to taste the delicious Japanese food and snacks and join the hundreds of people who gather under the trees for picnic and people spotting.

CHECK OUT: Our colourful gallery of cosplayers, traditional Japanese kimonos and much more from the Copenhagen Sakura Festival 2015

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/9P7yAn_HlX4″]

When: 30 April – 1 May 2016

Official website: sakurafestival.dk

Where: Langelinie Park, København Ø. The park is situated by the waterfront between the Gefion fountain and the Little Mermaid.

How to get there: [su_gmap address=”Den Lille Havfrue”]

[vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/9P7yAn_HlX4″]

Copenhagen Carnival

Two dancers from the Copenhagen Carnival 2015 in colourful costumes
Beautiful colourful costumes is a big part of Copenhagen Carnival

[vc_video link=”https://vimeo.com/129384802″]

Who doesn’t like those exotic South American beats?

That exotic rhythm reminding you of the sweet life with endless days of sun, fun and no worries. Add pretty girls and hot studs in very little clothes but lots of feathers and you get the picture, right? Get up and shake those maracas ‘cause the Copenhagen Carnival brings you that feeling of joie de vivre.

The Copenhagen Carnival has existed since 1982 and offers everything a carnival requires. Creative, colourful costumes, dancing troops, samba schools and a whole lot of shaking and drumming. And most importantly lots of smiles and laughter that produces an inspirational joy and happiness and makes it really hard for you to not move your hips to the music.

The little ones can have their own fun at the children’s carnival Børnekarnevallet with performing groups, competitions, face painting and entertaining clowns.

Copenhagen Carnival is a 2 day free event where you can watch the colourful parades and a lot of stage shows. If you want to support the carnival and all the volunteers behind it you can buy a festival wristband that even gives you a discount on your beer – truly win win!

When: May 14-15 2016

Where: Fælledparken

Official website: karneval-kbh.dk

[su_gmap width=”300″ height=”200″ address=”Fælledparken”]

TRUST – One Exhibition Five Venues (29 August – 25 October)

Featured art work image from info post about the TRUST exhibition in Copenhagen

TRUST is a unique exhibition project organized by Copenhagen’s five central kunsthalles, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Kunstforeningen GL STRAND, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Nikolaj Kunsthal and Overgaden – Institut for Samtidskunst.

The exhibition is curated by the Belgian curator Sonia Dermience and presents 41 artistic positions composing one large-scale, collective exhibition with ‘trust’ as keyword.

In accordance with the title TRUST, we are invited to explore the art and trust its ability to see and understand the world with different eyes. The art works contain a variety of expressions and formats, which, among others, consist of probing registrations, poetic statements and performative experiments.

With its multitude of aesthetic registers, TRUST reveals itself as an ambition to re-establish attention to art and its distinct ways of sensing and grasping the world, along with its ability to question the things we take for granted. In so doing, the exhibition points to art as an important means for reflection – one, where we can be surprised, gain insight and, not least, be challenged by its remodelling of the familiar.

Photo of Sonia Dermience,
Sonia Dermience. © Photo: Torben Stroyer

Everyday life and the mundane objects that fill it are therefore also vital parts of the exhibition. Their inclusion in works that follow a ready-made and post-pop tradition attest to art’s capability for meaningful dialogues with the world that surrounds us.

Sonia Dermience

With her particular aesthetic sensibility and the involvement of projects that often include collaborations or exchange, Sonia Dermience highlights this element of contemporary art. Dermience has given each kunsthalle a new name, which works as a subtitle for the particular exhibition and refers to a different function and identity than what we usually associate the kunsthalle with.

The individual venues

The new names originate from the institutions’ history, their architecture or the buildings’ former use and in the context of TRUST, provide the context for the specific exhibitions, but are not dogmatic in the sense of defining the artists’ contributions.

For more info about the other individual venues and their different artists, programs and locations just follow the links here –
The Salon: GL STRAND
The Palace: Kunsthal Charlottenborg
The Temple: Nikolaj kunsthal
The Studio: Den frie Udstillingsbygning
The Exchange: Overgaden

One grand opening, five venues

If you want to be part of the grand official opening of the exhibition TRUST – Friday 28 August check our post here for program and location information – its FREE and everyone is welcome.

Admission during TRUST (29 Aug – 25 Oct)

Trust special ticket: 100 dkk. (5 admissions to any optional exhibition or event)
Single ticket: 40 dkk.
Children under 16: free admission

Buy your tickets here at billetto or at the different exhibit venues.

All the artists

Martin Erik Andersen (DK)
Felicia Atkinson (FR)
Jakup Auce (BE)
Elena Bajo (ES)
Jessica Baxter (BE)
Nina Beier (DK)
Maiken Bent (DK)
Ellen Cantor (USA)
Mikkel Carl (DK)
Cel Crabeels (BE)
Nanna Debois Buhl (DK)
Vava Dudu (FR)
Sophie Dupont (DK)
Ditte Gantriis (DK)
Sofie Haesaerts (BE)
Steinar Haga Christensen (NO)
Maj Hasager (DK)
Pernille Kapper Williams (DK)
Ilja Karilampi (SE)
A Kassen (DK)
Seyran Kirmizitoprak (BE)
Egle Kulbokaite (SE)
Emmanuelle Lainé (FR)
Adriana Lara (MX)
Jacopo Miliani (IT)
Cécile Noguès (FR)
Officin (DK)
Carl Palm (SE)
Douglas Park (UK)
Angelo Plessas (GR)
Laure Prouvost (UK/FR)
Torben Ribe (DK)
Ebbe Stub Wittrup (DK)
Zin Taylor (CA/BE)
The After Lucy Experiment (BE)
Harald Thys & Jos De Gruyter (BE)
Benjamin Valenza (FR/CH)
Loic Vanderstichelen & Jean-Paul Jacquet (BE)
We Are The Painters (FR)
Atalay Yavuz (TU)

SMK Fridays #15 Special Summer Edition

Featured gallery image from SMK Fridays at The Royal Cast Collection

SMK Fridays #15 Special Summer Edition was held at The Royal Cast Collection.

It was the perfect summer night for chilling out by the harbour with great art, groovy beats and delicious street food. Amongst others, artist Lea Guldditte Hestelund performed her work WOD for plaster casts – a workout inspired by the plaster sculpture’s stiffened movements and writer Amalie Smith read from her novel Marble.

Read more about SMK Fridays.

Copenhagen Yoga Festival

Copenhagen Yoga Festival
© Photo: Copenhagen Yoga Festival

Copenhagen Yoga Festival runs over three days in the beautiful surroundings at Tiøren by Amager strand and encourages yogis at all ages and levels to join.

Bikram, Astanga or Hatha yoga? Whether you know exactly what this means or you don’t have the slightest clue, you’re welcome at the festival.

The primary purpose of Copenhagen Yoga Festival is to invite and inspire as many as possible to practice yoga for the first time or get inspired all over again and simply to share the joy of yoga across styles and studios.

The festival offers lots of yoga and meditation by both Danish and International instructors.

During the weekend you will have the opportunity to participate in as many workshops as you want, join inspiring lectures, stroll around the market place, enjoy live music, eat healthy tasty food and make new friends.

Everybody is welcome as the program offers a bit of everything for newcomers, experienced practitioners, old and young, adults and children as young as down to 1-3 years.

The children even have their own ‘Kids Corner’, where there’ll be dancing, mandala and of course lots of yoga. Activities on the kids program are free of charge.

Entry to the festival site is free of charge but if you wish to participate in the program activities you must buy a wristband. Partout and one-day tickets can be purchased in pre-sale online or at the festival site. Children under the age of 12 have free access to all areas.

Check out this video from Copenhagen Yoga Festival 2013 to get a taste of what the festival is about:

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/8bD871_cFNQ”]

On the Copenhagen Yoga Festival’s official website you can also check out all the presenters, recommended levels and everything else you need to know about the weekend in yoga heaven. Namaste.

Friday 28 August 12 pm – 9 pm

Saturday 29 August 9 am – 9.30 pm

Sunday 30 August 9 am – 7 pm

Official website: copenhagenyogafestival.dk

Where: Tiøren, Amager Strandpark, 2300 København S


DETOUR Urban Dance Festival 2015

DETOUR Urban Dance Festival
DETOUR Urban Dance Festival ©Photo: Jamie Johnston

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/C1RssXsq2L8″]

For the 4th year DETOUR Urban Dance Festival presents street dance and as always the people behind the festival are keen on reaching new audiences to experience the genre.

You don’t have to flash mean hand gestures or cover your head in a hoodie to join this awesome festival that presents both dance shows, street art and hip hop poetry.

Hip hop culture started its worldwide journey from the streets of New York to the established art scenes more than 30 years ago.

Historically, hip hop as a genre contains great diversity in both age, ethnicity, gender and social background. That perspective combined with the fact that the genre has developed in a more sophistically way is interesting to bring onstage in the established scene, according to the people behind DETOUR.

DETOUR Urban Dance Festival is part of this evolution and with acknowledged names from both Denmark and abroad, the urban dance environment will perform shows that proves that hip hop has matured artistically and that the genre still contains an accessibility that the established art scene can pick up tricks from.

Dansehallerne, Bora Bora and DETOUR offer the urban dance festival, which will stretch over three days in Copenhagen (10-12 September) and two days in Aarhus (16-17 September) for the first time.

On stage performances by: Tentacle Tribe (CA), Rico Coker (DK), Sara Jordan (DK), Ronni Morgenstjerne (DK), CJM ́s (FR), Troels Graakjær (DK), Marie Paldrup & Anna Eileen (DK)

For the Copenhagen shows get your tickets at Teaterbilletter.dk and for the shows in Aarhus you will find the tickets at billetlugen.dk.

For more info about the artists of DETOUR Urban Dance Festival go here.

[su_vimeo url=”https://vimeo.com/129535241″]

When: 10-12 September 2015

Official website: detourfestival.com

Where:  Store Carl, Dansehallerne, Pasteursvej 20, 1778 København V


Copenhagen Pride Week 11-16 August

Copenhagen Pride Parade

Bring out those rainbow flags and colours and join all the fun, the debates and the parties to celebrate and support the LGBT event of the year.

Throughout the Copenhagen Pride Week you can learn more about LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) by joining debates etc., and you can get lots of entertainment like Drag Night and other entertaining live-shows at City Hall Square which for this week is transformed to Pride Square.

The big parade – an absolute must.

The big parade through the city on Saturday is an absolute must. Last year 21.000 people joined the parade with an estimated crowd of between 110.000 and 120.000 people in the streets to support the event. That made last year the biggest Copenhagen Pride so far.

“Love of freedom – Freedom to love” was the slogan during World Outgames 2009 when it was held in Copenhagen, and it has never rung truer in the city than today. Copenhageners are open-minded, relaxed and tolerant people, and the capital city has long been a playground for both gay Danes and tourists. Here you can be free, open and most of all yourself.

Copenhagen Pride is run 100% by volunteers and intends to be the best, most inclusive and most accommodating Pride world wide. Copenhagen Pride is to promote and make the LGBT community visible in Denmark. This is achieved through various cultural events over the year, culminating in the Copenhagen Pride Week on the City Hall Square.

Some LGBT trivia:

  • One of Europe’s oldest gay bars is Centralhjørnet in Copenhagen. The bar opened in 1917 and openly became a gay bar in the 1950s.
  • The Danish gay couple Eigil and Axel Axgil were the first couple in the world to enter a registered same-sex partnership in 1989 – after being engaged for 40 years.
  • In 1989 Denmark was the first country in the world to recognise registered partnerships for same-sex couples.
  • In 2012 it became possible for gay people to get married in church and at city hall in Denmark.
  • During the Eurovision 2014 in Copenhagen the city “stroke a blow for diversity” by marrying 30 same-sex couples – the first in line were 3 Russian gay couples.


In the programs you will find the date and time of events both in the debate tent at Rainbow Square, Pride Square (Town Hall Square) and in other locations across the city.