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Who doesn’t like those exotic South American beats?

That exotic rhythm reminding you of the sweet life with endless days of sun, fun and no worries. Add pretty girls and hot studs in very little clothes but lots of feathers and you get the picture, right? Get up and shake those maracas ‘cause the Copenhagen Carnival brings you that feeling of joie de vivre.

The Copenhagen Carnival has existed since 1982 and offers everything a carnival requires. Creative, colourful costumes, dancing troops, samba schools and a whole lot of shaking and drumming. And most importantly lots of smiles and laughter that produces an inspirational joy and happiness and makes it really hard for you to not move your hips to the music.

The little ones can have their own fun at the children’s carnival Børnekarnevallet with performing groups, competitions, face painting and entertaining clowns.

Copenhagen Carnival is a 2 day free event where you can watch the colourful parades and a lot of stage shows. If you want to support the carnival and all the volunteers behind it you can buy a festival wristband that even gives you a discount on your beer – truly win win!

When: May 14-15 2016

Where: Fælledparken

Official website: karneval-kbh.dk

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