Get a taste of water sports such as kayak polo, row in the harbour or jump on board for one of the many guided boats tours. If you prefer staying on the ground why not challenge yourself with a bit of Double Dutch, free style biking or maybe even be part of a Human Pyramid.

Copenhagen Harbour Festival is free and open to everybody with lots of entertainment and activities to try out for both children and grown-ups. Of course you are welcome “just” as a spectator too. You get a lot of music and dance performances embracing Latin, Balkan, Bollywood and lots more.

The Copenhagen Harbour Festival aims to inspire you to explore and discover the charms and beauty of the Copenhagen harbour with all of its contrasts in the various areas.

From Nordhavn in the North to Valby due South you can visit 10 different festival areas – each with their unique atmosphere and program.

You can easily access the different areas of the harbour with the special shuttle boats and the “normal” Harbour busses – all fares with these two kinds of transport are FREE during the festival.

Copenhagen Harbour Festival is running for it’s 15th year and offers you a chance to experience new sides of the Copenhagen harbour life and invites you to explore all the fabulous and very diverted areas of the harbour.

Please note that some activities are highly popular and some of the guided tours requires forehand registration and may be fully booked. 

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Get the full Copenhagen Harbour Festival program here (pdf)


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