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For the 4th year DETOUR Urban Dance Festival presents street dance and as always the people behind the festival are keen on reaching new audiences to experience the genre.

You don’t have to flash mean hand gestures or cover your head in a hoodie to join this awesome festival that presents both dance shows, street art and hip hop poetry.

Hip hop culture started its worldwide journey from the streets of New York to the established art scenes more than 30 years ago.

Historically, hip hop as a genre contains great diversity in both age, ethnicity, gender and social background. That perspective combined with the fact that the genre has developed in a more sophistically way is interesting to bring onstage in the established scene, according to the people behind DETOUR.

DETOUR Urban Dance Festival is part of this evolution and with acknowledged names from both Denmark and abroad, the urban dance environment will perform shows that proves that hip hop has matured artistically and that the genre still contains an accessibility that the established art scene can pick up tricks from.

Dansehallerne, Bora Bora and DETOUR offer the urban dance festival, which will stretch over three days in Copenhagen (10-12 September) and two days in Aarhus (16-17 September) for the first time.

On stage performances by: Tentacle Tribe (CA), Rico Coker (DK), Sara Jordan (DK), Ronni Morgenstjerne (DK), CJM ́s (FR), Troels Graakjær (DK), Marie Paldrup & Anna Eileen (DK)

For the Copenhagen shows get your tickets at Teaterbilletter.dk and for the shows in Aarhus you will find the tickets at billetlugen.dk.

For more info about the artists of DETOUR Urban Dance Festival go here.

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When: 10-12 September 2015

Official website: detourfestival.com

Where:  Store Carl, Dansehallerne, Pasteursvej 20, 1778 København V



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