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The outrageous diving competition Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series hits once again Copenhagen on their tour around the world.

Watch the world’s best cliff diving athletes – women and men – jump off the roof of the iconic Copenhagen Opera House. They jump an impressive 27 metres (about three times the Olympic diving height) from the roof into the harbour as they perform a series of multiple twists and somersaults before hitting the water at 85 kph.

copenhagen-vibes_redbull_12VCheck out our big photo gallery of the insanely fearless and talented cliff divers from the amazing 2015 event in the city’s beautiful surroundings just opposite the historic royal palace, Amalienborg and The Marble Church.

Hold your breath and be prepared for a wild, crazy and most of all amazing experience as you share the adrenalin rush of the brave divers.

When: June 18th 2016

Where: The athletes jump off the roof of The Danish Opera House and into the harbour. You can watch it from many spots around the harbour. One of the best places to watch it is on the opposite side of the Opera House: on Toldbodgade by Amaliehaven close to royal palace Amalienborg (see map).

[su_gmap address=”The Amalie Garden on the Waterfront”]

There will be big screens at Amaliehaven and near the Opera House.

Official website: www.redbullcliffdiving.com


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