The whole world seems to be in love with the cherry blossoms or Sakura trees as they are actually called in Japan where they origin.

If you’re in doubt just check out Instagram during bloom season. In Japan most people get out to celebrate the Sakura blossom with family and friends and once a year Sakura connects people as they meet up under the beautiful Sakura trees.

Inspired by the Japanese tradition people from all over the world come together to celebrate the blossom of the beautiful trees and Copenhagen is no exception.

Copenhagen Sakura Festival is a 2 day free event where you can experience the unique atmosphere of joy and happiness in one of the most relaxed and colourful festivals of the city. At the Copenhagen Sakura Festival you can watch a lot of stage shows and even join the fun at the popular Bonodori group dances.

Enjoy the mixture of traditional Japanese kimono culture and creative, colourful Manga and Cosplay fans. Explore the booths where you can buy anything from Bonsai trees and tea to Kendamas.

Picnic and people spotting

Don’t forget to taste the delicious Japanese food and snacks and join the hundreds of people who gather under the trees for picnic and people spotting.

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When: 30 April – 1 May 2016

Official website:

Where: Langelinie Park, København Ø. The park is situated by the waterfront between the Gefion fountain and the Little Mermaid.

How to get there: [su_gmap address=”Den Lille Havfrue”]

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